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Domalys certified Great Place To Work

20 January 2021

Since January 2021, Domalys is very proud to be one of the companies where it is good to work. Recognized as a "Great Place To Work" by the independent organization, it joins a panel of companies known for their values ​​of well-being at work. It is a pride shared with the entire team, employees and managers, that made it possible to achieve this certification.

Indeed, each employee was invited to answer anonymously and independently to a series of questions on the quality of life at work. The result is clear: 94% success on all of the criteria assessed. A very rewarding percentage that places Domalys among the companies with the best quality of life at work in France.

Although exceeding our expectations, this quality of life offered to employees is the fruit of the common vision of Arnaud Brillaud and Maximilien Petitgenet: to create a new business model where people are a priority. A real genesis for Domalys, this objective prevails over the majority of other aspects of the company. With the conviction that a healthy work environment is a source of success, each Domalysian contributes to this new model.

Combine group cohesion, collective strength and manage to embellish the daily life of our seniors and people around them while proposing a healthy model of society: we can affirm and attest that today, it is a fully successful mission.