We're committed to realizing the mission that guides all our development choices:
brighten and improve the lives of vulnerable people in care.


Very satisfied  
#Oxalys Oxalys provides total satisfaction (makes activities easier, it's light, easy to manipulate with less handling, easy to clean, nestable stacking, increased space, spaces can be reorganized quickly, residents are noticeably stimulated by the colours).

Noctulys also: reassured families, easy installation, faster intervention if there is a problem thanks to alerts. Very positive feedback.

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Very satisfied  
#Noctulys Very satisfied with Noctulys: an innovative product that's easy to use, that has significantly improved the care we provide to residents.

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Very cost-effective!  
#Noctulys A product that paid for itself in a few days! Between savings in protection, less dirty sheets and laundry, and our teams' faster intervention time, we're delighted!

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Very satisfied  
Very satisfied  
Very user-friendly  
Excellent products  
More independence for my residents
#Aladin For me, Aladin's real strength is to allow a resident to get up at night by themselves, which is a great reassurance for teams.
An awesome analysis
#DomalysOnline Every morning, I use Domalys Online to look at any falls and movement during the night. When we receive an alert, we immediately check to see what has happened
Less falls
#Noctulys Residents are reassured because the lighting bar comes on by itself as soon as they get up. And that also reassures teams a lot, they are less stressed because everything is automatic
Improve the daily life of my residents
#Oxalys As soon as I saw them, I knew they were exactly what we needed. Although we initially got them for use at mealtimes, they're also used for activities and in the room if necessary
Exactly what we were looking for
#Complys #Glys It's furniture that really makes our lives easier and that is respectful of residents. Families think that the tables and chairs are very attractive. The wood is warm and modern, and the choice of colors means they can be adapted to suit any space. Our co-workers who visit also like them a lot.
Communication improved between residents
#Glys It's easy to move, which allows you to adjust the layout of a space and bring it to life. Not to mention the fact that residents are very comfortable when eating in a group
More comfort for my teams
#Complys The sliding armrest allows a resident to be seated more easily, reducing the effort involved for my teams
More security for the residents
#Aladin Thanks to Aladin, an at-risk resident no longer has to be restrained. She has regained significant motor skills. She has gone from having a dozen falls a month to just one last month. For us, the results for us are really visible and measurable
A real living area rather than only a bedroom
#Modulys The fact that everything is floating provides more comfortable working conditions for my teams and makes cleaning much easier. Residents can easily incorporate their own furniture and it also leaves plenty of space to store their belongings.

The Domalys spirit

The desire to outdo ourselves Above all, Domalys is a close-knit team of happy people. Always willing to surpass ourselves in a work environment and in our personal lives. We are often present at the starting line of sporting challenges in our home region! Having fun together at both work and socially is our way of ensuring a team that is motivated, committed and successful.
Co-design: our approach to innovation Each product design goes through a joint development phase with final users. The objective is to establish the real needs of people in the field in order to design products that meet those needs. To that end, Domalys brings together a number of healthcare professionals, including:

Care home managers, Care home group managers;
Geriatric physicians, nurses;
Occupational therapists, care assistants, floor staff;
Home care agencies;
Designers, architects;

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Nurturing talent At Domalys, we don't only want to invent new products, but we'd also like to design a new form of company organization.
We want our employees to come to work with a smile on their faces, with the belief and the desire to change the world.

We want our offices to be full of life and happiness. Where people want to outdo themselves and take on a challenge. We constantly strive to act more efficiently by putting in place agile and creative methodologies, and new tools for collaborative working.

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A guiding mission Domalys has defined for itself a meaningful mission: improve and assist the lives of people in care and the people around them. This mission serves as a compass that guides all our development choices.
We'd like to believe that we can provide a solution, that we can help to improve these peoples' lives. Today, we're proud to be able to say that the users of our products receive benefits from them that go well beyond just comfort, and that's a source of happiness for all our team.

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Excellence through passion It's because we're passionate about what we do that we have such amazing rates of customer satisfaction. Whether it concerns the quality, features, style, or uses of our products, more than 99% of our customers recommend us! A big thank you to them for their confidence in us.