News | Aladin® smart lamp: the best fall detection device on the market

Aladin® smart lamp: the best fall detection device on the market

10 November 2020

Last week, Domalys submitted Aladin® to a serie of tests based on the TASDA protocol, under the supervision of a bailiff. More than 300 tests were performed with a maximum of heavy and soft fall scenarios. The detection rate is 93%: more than any other device that fights falls on the market, and without any false positive.

During the whole day, 40 scenarios were studied with the participation of 3 volunteers. These 40 scenarios including all types of falls (classic, slow and with recovery ones) resulted in more than 300 tests with a final detection rate of 93%!

0% false positive !

Cases of detection without a fall (also called “false positive”) were studied too. Among all the scenarios proposed during these tests, zero false positive was detected. This attests the reliability of the device and leads it to become the best one on the market.

A clear success which demonstrates the effectiveness of this smart lamp for dependent elderly people that have already purchased it, but also dedicated to improve the daily job of the healthcare professionals in Assisted living and nursing homes as it is already the case in Europe (nursing homes), relieving then both caregivers and residents.

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