At Domalys, we're excited to see each other every day. We always want to outdo ourselves
and we all love a challenge. This helps create a team spirit that makes us stronger together.

Our story


OMG ! Great Place to Work

When we heard the good news, we almost had the impression of receiving a "golden ticket". Domalys is certified "Great Place to Work". It is a hudge joy for us.

All CES Digital

A unique and new CES edition occured in january 21 with 80,000 virtual visitors :) Delighted to be present at the majestic CES which brings together tech aficionados, the Domalys team was able to support its notoriety for export with of the US, consolidate its bases and find new partners with Aladin. After the award won in 2019 in the Smart Home category, Aladin returned to CES this year to unveil its new features and its back office 100% dedicated to Assisted Living. To follow soon from our Miami offices!

PHArA-ON, pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing

Pharaon aims to integrate highly customizable interoperable open platforms with advanced services, devices, and tools including IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, smart wearables, big data, and intelligent analytics for Europe’s ageing population. Pharaon will consider relevant standards and will contribute to them with the help of the two standardisation bodies of the consortium and will be implemented within health and other domains (energy, transport and smart cities). Pharaon will be user centric and utilize cloud technologies, AI and algorithms for big data intelligent analytics, while at the same time be concerned with data privacy, cybersecurity, interoperability and openness.

In the land of the rising sun ...

Hihaaa! We believed in it and we did it! One year ago Domalys based in NYC, started in the USA. Today Domalys just opened their first offices in Tokyo. A few months after the G20 meetings and an immersive trip with Japanese directors and resellers, the adventure starts here, in this other country of baseball :) You didn't know about that? Well, Japanese people are baseball fans and French tech-lovers too. Aladin will be deployed very soon in several residences ... To be continued.

CES Award 2019

Thanks to Aladin, the smart lamp, Domalys wins the famous CES Award, in the category "Smart Home". This Award means for us that it's possible to link e-health and house with smart object.

Domalys in Boston

Domalys created its US firm with our first business developer, Ella Thrun.

Domalys has been selected to participate at the next G20YEA in Buenos Aires in Argentina as a member of the French delegation.

DOMALYS, designer of innovative solutions for the elderly has been selected to be part of the French delegation for the next G20YEA which will take place in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, for the next 20th and 21st of September. It is the 10th summit organized ahead the heads of State’s G20. 400 young entrepreneurs will represent their respective States and will elaborate together recommendations for growth, employment and innovation.

Las Vegas CES 18

Las Vegas CES marked a turning point. Aladin, the smart lamp, was further propelled on the wolrdwide B2C market. The story starts with a real enthusiasm.

SLUSH, the world leading startup event

With the French Tech label, Domalys launched Aladin on the European scene for this occasion. SLUSH gathers more than 2600 startups is totally focused on the problematics of the world of tomorrow. It is the first worldwide show which is currently simultaneously connected and oriented towards sustainability. As representative of the health's IOT, Domalys challenges the visitors with its futurist and engaged vision which improves vulnerable people’s lives.

The launch of Aladin in Paris

Here we go! After a long period of development, we present our latest baby to the world: ALADIN! It's a magical connected light with a genie inside. It will help a large number of isolated elderly people to remain healthier for longer. To find out more: http:/www.aladin.io

BPIFrance Excellence Label

BPIFrance rewards Domalys and brings it into its Excellence network alongside BlaBlaCar, Sigfox, etc. The BPIFrance Excellence network is a total of 3,000 companies that crave freedom who innovate and who have a desire to undertake without limit.

The sector's biggest players are convinced

Our products are so highly valued in the field that we're now a trusted supplier to the sector's biggest players in France: Korian, DomusVi, Colisée, Emera, Fondation Partage et Vie (ex-FCES), Résidalya... in total, several hundred care homes already use our products. Wow, that makes us a little emotional!

Big family, big offices!

After having increased the size of our dream team by more than 10 new employees, we needed new premises! We've opened a new sales office (+showroom!) in Poitiers, France. The team has moved into a new brightly-coloured home conducive to good humour, productivity, and collaboration.

Domalys picks up award after award

2015 saw recognition for Domalys's productive approach to innovation, as it received in quick succession the awards "Observeur du Design", "Stars et Métiers", and "Top des Entreprises"!

Innovation award

Modulys, the modular floating room was rewarded for its innovative features, aesthetics, and ergonomic design. It was awarded first prize in the "Start Design" category of the CARID award (innovation by design).

The start of commercialization

After almost 2 years co-designing innovative products with 22 working groups from more than 50 care homes, hundreds of field surveys, and many weeks spent immersed at healthcare facilities, we're proud to launch 2 outstanding products: Oxalys, the ergonomic table with a thousand and one uses, and Modulys, the modular floating room. Those who joined us early and who placed their trust in us were moved to tears: "You've thought of everything!"

Early recognition by the French Ministry of Finance

The co-design process carried out by Domalys was quickly identified by the French Ministry of Finance, which awarded it a grant to launch the venture. That's all we need to be SUPER motivated!

Co-design at the heart of our approach

We interviewed those in the field extensively, convinced that they know the small (and large) everyday hassles they face better than anyone. We only had one thing in mind at that moment: invent products that will improve and assist the everyday lives of people in care and those around them. It was the start of 18 months of back-and-forth exchanges between people in the field (including occupational therapists, nurses, rest home managers and residents) and our design department in order to CO-DESIGN the innovations oftomorrow.

Discovery of the new world

It was with the desire and ambition to change the world that Arnaud chose the sector that wasn't yet called the "Silver Economy". Why? Because it represents a societal challenge that's meaningful, and one which appealed to his humanitarian streak. But at the time, our small team had precious little experience of care homes. So we criss-crossed the roads of the Poitou-Charentes region in France to find centres that cared for the elderly. To understand the problems they faced, their daily lives, and to collaborate with them to find solutions to their problems.

"THE" encounter

At the end of 2011, Arnaud and Maximilien met at the Centre for Young Managers in Poitier, France. Here they had a RE-VE-LA-TION: they shared the same vision, the same desire to create a new business model. A company that was a great place to work, one that sought to change the world with employees that were a little bit mad and full of energy. Soon after, they decided to embark on the Domalys adventure.
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Our values

We're convinced that by working intensively and with real pleasure, we can achieve excellence. With a single aim: complete customer satisfaction.
At DOMALYS, innovation is at the heart of our approach. The DOMALYS team works every day to best meet the constantly evolving needs of people in care and healthcare professionals.
Through our approach and innovative products, we want to provide solutions that meet their expectations and those of future generations.
In order to design innovative products, we listen to healthcare professionals in the field. In order to make our company a great place to work, we listen to our employees. In order to develop long-lasting relationships, we listen to our suppliers and our customers. Because we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, we try and listen twice as much as we speak.
Because we believe in commitment, we'll never go back on our word.
Because we want to a part of the changes of tomorrow, we accept our responsibilities.

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