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Reduces falls and associated costs
for assisted living and nursing homes
The smart lamp with automatic lighting
built in fall detection,
with a monitoring system integrated
2.6 Average falls per resident per year in nursing home
35% will lose independence and generate extra workload for caregivers
$35K Average medical costs associated to a fall per resident

Source of datas about falls: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,


The smart lamp that anticipates and prevents from falling ASSISTED LIVING AND NURSING HOMES

Aladin helps you to reduce falls, and the stress on your caregivers and helps your residents to remain independent

2019 Award in Smart Home category

Automatic lighting

If the light is not sufficient enough in the room, Aladin lights the way automatically.

• Dramatically reduces the risk of a fall
• Secures the resident’s nighttime activity
• Increases the resident’s autonomy

Fall detection

If a fall occurs, Aladin® detetects and warns the caregivers immediately.

• Reduces risks of injuries
• Reduces risks of potential lawsuits
• Reduces the stress for resident and caregivers

Monitoring activity

Aladin® is connected to Domalys Online software: it records nighttime activity, falls, falls causes, temperature. Aladin lighting functions are also customizable.

• Improves the resident care
• Allows customization according to the resident needs
• Provide helpful data for the optimization of the shifts
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Less stress
for caregivers

More independence
for resident

Reduction of
global costs

Aladin's coverage area

Motion generates data*. Data are immediatly analysed

Ideally Aladin is installed facing the bed Aladin is connected to internet (if you don’t have a Wi-Fi system, we will deploy our own system) and plugged into the wall.

Your security is our priority: the servers we use offer military-grade protection.
We are compliant to applicable legislation about data privacy

The operational badges

Using Domalys PRO, caregivers are directly alerted on their badges in case a resident gets up and fall. This way, caregivers can intervene quickly and minimize the consequences of fall.

Domalys Online: the software

From your computer, Domalys Online provides you with:

• An overview of the installations
• Detailed monitoring of each resident (e.g. temperature of the room, number of times where the resident got out of the bed, number of falls)
• The lapse of time it takes caregivers to assist a resident
• Quick access to the possible causes of falls

Domalys OnLine can also help you detect when a resident is losing its autonomy, leading to a better care.

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Technical caracteristics

Dimensions: 38.35x2.95 x1.18in
Weight: 2.64 lb/Aladin®
Energy consumption/year: 1.3 kWh
Operating temperature range: 32°F — 104°F
Frequency: 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
Integrated techno: infrared sensors
Sensors Detection: 120 degrees
Detection distance: 200in
Lum. flux: 1300 Lumens
LED’s Lifetime: +10 000 hours

Medical informations

Aladin® is not a medical device and is not a substitute for a consultation with a healthcare professional.

Data protection

Domalys USA, Inc., which produces Aladin®, is compliant to the local applicable legislation about data privacy (depending on your country).

Patent and certification

Patent number USA N15/423,659. Aladin product certified SGS norm UL 1598, CSA C22.2, No250.0-18.

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Motion detection helps you keep an eye on the elderly

Aladin allows seniors to remain independent longer

Passive detection more usefull than being forced to wear the same shoes day in and day out

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