Stay at home longer in healthy condition
Aladin® allows the elderly to remain independent longer
by detecting early signs of illness and reducing falls.

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A peace of mind for you and GrandMa

up to -76% reduction in falls
up to 2 more years with peace of mind at home

Risks of falling is often higher at night (due to tripping over slippers, or not being able to locate light switches, blinding light...).
Aladin® detects movements and turns on the light progressively to make your path secure.

In the event of a fall, Aladin® immediately alerts caregivers (family, friends, neighbors, or tele-care) on their phones for a quick assistance.

Its data analysis system namely PrediCare Technology® also detects early warning signs (decreased sleep quality, frequent wa- king up, etc.). To prevent emergence of illnesses.

This may seem unnecessary, but each year:

• 646 000 people die from consequences of a fall over the world.

• In the US, twice as many people die from a fall than from gunshot accidents.

• People over the age of 65 are the most affected.

• There have been 37 million serious falls requiring medical intervention.

Aladin®, the home assistant,
warns immediately caregivers

Aladin® detects falls and alerts up caregivers immediately on their phones. It’s also an active device which establishes its protégé's baseline activity.
If something is atypical, caregivers are alerted as well. This solution helps reduce the stress of elderly people and their caregivers.
Assistant for nocturnal wake ups
Detects falls and alert up caregivers
Follows up on the quality of the rest time
Follows up on activity time
Vigilance monitoring in case of absence
Aladin By Domalys available on iOS and Android

Elegantly designed for all interiors

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