Stay at home longer in healthy condition
Aladin® allows the elderly to remain independent longer
by detecting early signs of illness and reducing falls.

Comfort for house is my

PROFESSIONNAL, I’m interested
for my nursing home

Aladin home The lamp designed for home comfort
Automatic lighting By night, risks of falls are increased (stumbling because of slippers, switches not very accessible, dazzling light ...). Thanks to its movement sensors, Aladin® detects all your movements and lights up a progressive beam of light to secure your path.
Night and day activity monitoring Small disturbances in the daily (number of lifts at night increasign, lower quality of sleep), might be signs of declining health. With its data analysis system, Aladin® monitors your night and day activity to keep you in good conditions.
Connected when needed In case of a fall, Aladin® immediately send an alert to telecare assistance or to family on their phones. You choose who will be alerted first.

Internet connection
• from your box
• or with a 3G key.

LED lamp, low consumption

This may seem unnecessary, but each year:

• 646 000 people die from consequences of a fall over the world.

• In the US, twice as many people die from a fall than from gunshot accidents.

• People over the age of 65 are the most affected.

• There have been 37 million serious falls requiring medical intervention.

the design and practical solution

With its application, Aladin, the connected lamp, gives you direct access to:

- temperature (and local weather)
- activity time and rest time at home
- caregivers profils
- telecare assistance
49,50 /month
3 magic lamp with telecare
to illuminate and secure your home
  • Automatic lightning
  • Night and day activity monitoring
  • Fall detection, abnormal behaviours, heat wave alerts...
Delivery 25€ in metropolitan France
Home installation 150€
-50% de
of tax credit
this is 24,75€/month
tax credit deducted*
* Crédit d’impôt Service à la Personne article 199 sexdecies du code général des impôts (équipement à domicile).

Aladin Home Technial Aladin®

Dimensions: 97,5 x 7,5 x 3 cm
Net weight excluding accessories: 1,2 kg par Aladin® Energy consumption / year: 1,3 kWh
Integrated technology: infrared sensors
Frequency: 2,4 GHz
Operating temperature: 0° - 50°
Sensors: 120° detection and 5m length
Power LEDS: 1300 lumens
Lifetime LEDS: > 10 000h

Internet Bridge

Dimensions: 7,5 x 6,5 x 2,2 cm
Weight: 51 grammes
Energy consumption / year: 0,85 kWh
Integrated technology: wifi (or 3G key optional) 13 canals wifi (802.11b/g/n)
Frequency: 2,4 GHz
Wi-Fi security: Compatible 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, filtering MAC wireless Puissance/émission: less than 100mW
Inner reach: 30 m maximum
Operating temperature: -10° +60°

Aladin Family Option

Connected to beloved people

Aladin Family Option
+ 9,90 /month
The FAMILY tablet that connect generation
for chidlren and grandparents
  • Clear interface for messages and video calls
  • Instant photo reception
  • No internet connection required
Total 59,40€/month before tax credit and 29,70€/month after tax credit deduction.
Free nnstallation with Home pack
or 59€ if Home pack not included
-50% de
of tax credit
this is 4,95€/month
tax credit deducted*
* Crédit d’impôt Service à la Personne article 199 sexdecies du code général des impôts (équipement à domicile).

Technical characteristics
 Aladin Family Option

Connected telecare assistance Video helpline
LCD touch screen
5.0 megapixel camera
Speaker 90hm 3w
Battery life 24h
GSM 2G / 3G / 4G (SIM included) Internet WI-FI & Ethernet (RJ45) Alarm button
Social alarm 869mhz
Waterproof IP67
700m range
Autonomy 3 years

Option Aladin Activity

Protected H24/7j, everywhere

Option Aladin Activity
+ 19,90 /month
The globe-trotter watch
for all activites
  • GPS watch
  • Geolocation everywhere in France
  • Emergency call
Total 69,40€/month before tax credit and 44,65€/month after tax credit deduction.
Technical characteristics
 Option Aladin Activity

Mobile helpline 1 alarm button
Color Screen 1.22 ‘’ LCD speaker
2 megapixel camera Battery life 24h connected
GSM 2G / 3G GPRS (SIM included) GPS

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