Complys® | A partner for all


A partner for all
A range of chairs both maneuverable and functional
designed for resident comfort and to reduce MSDs

PROFESSIONAL, I’m interested
for my nursing home

Everyday life is easier

Smart way of moving and
transferring, residents, and great for cleaning
Reduction in MSDs
Handy and functional, the range of Complys chairs was designed to be stacked for storage. Its multiple choices of colors, coatings and wood finishes make it elegant and design.

Its ergonomic handle on the backrest allows the Complys® range to promote a good grip for moving.

One of them, Bridge +, including sliding armrests, makes it possible to reduce the MSDs and to help the residents in loss of autonomy :

• the Bridge + is lifted with one arm and knee (facilitates maintenance);
• avoid contact of the seat on the top of the table (during cleaning time) ;
• reduces bad movements (MSDs)
• allows the resident to move to the table thanks to the « leverage effect » ;
• adapted to all morphologies with a wide and adjustable seat depth ;
• simplifies wheelchair transfers thanks to its sliding armrests.

Less effort, more movement

Complys® + bridge, the modular bridge

Complys® is an easily-movable bridge chair that can be stacked for storage.
The fabric has been tested to withstand extensive handling, friction and frequent cleaning.
(For effortlessly moving closer to the table)
(For easy transfer that reduces MSDs)
(To adapt to every resident)
(Extended service life)

A choice of colors and finishes to suit every interior.

A large range of colors and wood finishes is available.
To personalize your design, make an appointment with one of our area managers.

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